About Us

We are a team of professional, experienced scientists & agronomists, with years of experience in academic research, large corporations and successful startups.

At Sciroot, we stand for superior customer service, science, innovation, and trust.

We are passionate and determined to accomplish our mission & dedicated to be the best knowledge-management company in the agricultural field.

Our Mission

To provide the world with a solution that improves farmers profitability by making irrigation efficient.

Our Vision

To transform agriculture into a more efficient and profitable industry.

Our Goal

To create strong relationships with growers and provide service throughout every phase of the irrigation process.

Company Management

Prof. Uri Shani

Founder and Chairman
  • Among the world’s top water experts
  • Former Water Commissioner of Israel
  • Inventor and Entrepreneur in the water and agriculture sector

Erez Ron

  • Brigadier General (Res.)
  • A fighter pilot in the Israeli air force
  • Former commander of Nevatim air force base
  • Former manager of “Sea Canal” project

Dr. Sharon Dabach

VP Research and Development
  • PhD in Soil and Water Sciences
  • Leading Irrigation expert
  • Soil sensors and irrigation management algorithms


Dr. Daniela Jerszurki

Soil & Plant Research
  • PhD in Soil Science
  • Agrometeorological time series analysis expert
  • Evapotranspiration analysis in the soil-plant-atmosphere system