Our Technology

The Sciroot System

  1. Sciroot’s uniquely designed geotextile
  2. Sciroot sensor
  3. Pressure transducer
  4. Transmitter
  5. Proprietary algorithm

The Algorithm

The algorithm is a formula written by Sciroot’s developers after years of research and field trials. The formula takes into consideration data such as the value of the sciroot, relevant meteorological data, the type of soil and crop in order to calculate the plant’s transpiration.

  • The algorithm is activated daily for each plot and produces 2 recommendations – when to irrigate and how much water.
  • The algorithm sends a daily message to each farmer with the calculated result for each plot.
  • The algorithm constantly updates in order to improve its accuracy.
  • The algorithm takes into account all the important factors affecting irrigation and gives the farmer a simple answer to a very complex problem.

Sciroot Application

Simple and Fast Installation